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some of the custom work done

although all the cars built here are works of art i am especially pleased with how a couple of the custom items i have built over the years have come out.  the brass gauges in the above photo were made by hand, by me, in 1990.  on the left is a fuel gauge, then an ammeter in a custom brass housing, then under the mixture is a pocket watch in another custom holder, then an oil gauge.  the speedometer is a stock accessory.  under the coil box you will see a gas pedal made out of my great-great-grandmothers piano.

above you will see the same oil gauge and to the left six custom brass gauge holders and to the left of that a lengthened steering column support.

this is the before...


when you cant find one to buy - you make it!

this was fun, i took stock brass handrail parts and made a custom intake manifold.  under that is a custom brass valve cover with the ford script stamped in it.  behind the cover is a stipe "laurel roof" camshaft, custom lifters, and a model a crankshaft.


i was making my own spokes (see lathe duplicator in background) but found out it was cheaper to buy them all made rather than buy hickory and cut them them here.



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