Will this fit in your car?

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Allot of interest in the "Green Thunderbolt" has ended with "Will it fit in my car?"

So, here is enough information (hopefully!) for you to use to measure your car to see if this style engine will fit without hitting the firewall:

I started by measuring back from the radiator mounting holes (on center) to the rearmost point of the head.  27-1/4"

The adapter plate is 1-1/4" high, plus the 3-3/4" of the "hump" for a total of 5" from the bare blocks deck.  The 3-1/2" shows that the left side is higher by 1/4".  The markings on the wood show how far left and right of the mag plug the edges are.

Hopefully you can use this information will give you a better idea of how this will fit in your car.  Some cars may need to have a dent put in the firewall to clear this head. 

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