The "other guys" Starters

"Why should you order a starter from us?  Aren't they all the same?"

Here are photos of four starters purchased from a  well known Model T vendor.  I had been buying starters from them for years.  When I noticed a good amount of smoke coming from one of them, we dug into three more.  What we found is appalling. 


Oil soaked windings with bare wires



This one had a band aid on it, but only in one spot, notice the bare wires on the coil to the left.


This one takes the cake.  I saw smoke so had my wife come out to catch it on camera.  This surprise is what we got instead of another wisp of smoke.


This photo shows a "rebuilt" starter with oil soaked windings in it.  Note the clean dry case and new seal.  Someone put this back together with those sopping wet field coils!


I believe this is a photo explaining the smoke, the part being pointed to was touching something else inside and shorted it out.


Here is another shot of shoddy workmanship.  Cold solder blobs and bare wiring on another oil soaked field coil assembly.


More bare wires ready to short out and start a fire.

And most of these starters had 1-2 broken brush holders on average, must have been "good enough" for them.  Not for us!


Now for the best part.  I spent a ton of money fixing these mistakes.  What I got in response was "I do not feel a strong obligation in this matter.", "Against my better judgment I continued to supply you with a marginal product", and reasons why they don't believe me that one of them burst into flames.  I did manage to get a refund amounting to about 1/16th of what these starters cost me.

This experience has left us with a new "starter guy", bitter feelings towards the old starter guy (whom I considered a friend), and a big dent in my wallet because I refuse to pass on losses like this to my customers. 

This new gentleman working for us has over 20 years experience rebuilding starters and generators for all makes of automobiles, not just T's.  In most cases EVERYTHING is replaced inside, re-using only the casing. 

So would you prefer one of the above units in your car, or one from us?

Now pay close attention:

When you buy a Gen III rebuilt starter, you get the highest quality there is. 

You get a one year warranty. 

You will not get the problems or the grief I did. 

If you do have a problem (very unlikely) I will be a REAL MAN and stand behind the product.