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Make your own Accessory Outside Oiler


I have been trying to buy an outside oil line kit for about a year now for several of my customers.  As I write this article they are still not available through the usual sources.  So….  I decided to make one and share the process with you. 


For the “delivery end” of this, I started with a 3/8” fine thread bolt, a nut, drill bit, 1/8”NPT tap, and a mig welder.  I tapped the nut so it would accept a standard fitting.  A hose, flair tubing, or compression fitting / adapter will work.  After drilling the bolt through I welded the nut to the head and screwed the fitting in.  This takes care of the front end of the oiler. 

This bolt will replace the pan/timing cover bolt closest to the crankshaft, on the drivers side.


For the supply end:  You have options.  If you are using your magneto, you can drill and tap the hogshead up near the mag pickup.  This is best done with the head off the car.  There are also accessory inspection covers that you could duplicate and if you can find an original accessory piece from the kit I can’t find, they look like a stretched version of a standard mag plug, with a tapped hole in one side.  In this case, the customer that will receive this is not using a magneto.  We removed it when his engine was done.  Four paddles on the flywheel in place of the magnets keep the oil flowing, and he is using a distributor to fire the plugs.  Since he does not need a functioning mag pickup, I hogged an old one out. 


After gutting it, I took another nut and welded it in place.  After welding it was tapped to accept the same 1/8”NPT size fittings.   When you look at the photo, please keep in mind that I am not a professional welder and don’t be too critical of the sub-par job I did!  The important part is that it doesn’t leak. 

Painted black and with the fitting in place it looks presentable.  It should work well with some ¼” tubing and provide a valuable backup in case the inside oil line ever gets plugged up.

Now, since writing this I found another old one to show you:

Looks home made to me, with a scoop on the bottom to help "aim" the oil.

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