Modern Improvements to the Model T Ford - Gen III Antique Auto

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One of the things I like to do is "improve" on Henry's designs.  This page will show some of the things that can be changed or added to the car.


Rear Axle Bearings:

On our parts page you saw modern axle bearings.  The inner bearings noted that they require machining the axle to get them to fit.  Here is why, and how:

Here is a stock T axle in a lathe.  Note the shiny bearing surfaces beyond the gear, and the larger brown rough surface beyond that.  That rough surface prevents the new bearings from sliding on. 

Here you can see that the axle has been turned down so the part that was rough is now smooth, and the same size as the bearings.  This will allow the new bearings to slide on.


Here is what it looks like all assembled, this is how everything will sit inside the axle housing.  There are seals inside and an o-ring on the outside of each bearing to prevent oil leaks.  This setup should allow you to run a thinner oil (90w) in your rear end.  Less friction = more power to the wheels. 


Roller Thrust Washers:

Another great improvement is replacing the babbitt or bronze thrust washers with roller bearings.  I've done this to almost all my own cars with no problems

The kit:


The tips:  Use RTV to glue the new steel washer to the carrier housing.  Do the same for the washer that goes on the rear end housing too.  This will make your life much easier when you try to assemble the beast.  Use brake cleaner or gas (whatever) to make sure all the grease is gone before using the RTV.



You'll know you did a good job if your greasy rags smile back at you.


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