Installing Modern Valves Article

Installing Modern Valves in a Model T Engine


I decided to write an article for my local clubs newsletter.  My wife and I are the editors for our local club and getting “filler” material to print is the most difficult part of the job.  We have a few people in the club that contribute from time to time, but not always.  Most of the time we have to beg, or write up articles ourselves.  The lack of material is always in the back of my mind, so yesterday I asked my oldest daughter to come out to the shop and take some photos of an engine I’m rebuilding for a customer.  Halfway through writing this I decided that instead of the local paper, I would try to get published here in the Vintage Ford instead.  She did a great job taking the photos and this is the result of our efforts

read the whole article by clicking here - warning!  It's a pdf file!!!

This article got a lot of attention.  Unfortunately it looks like the editor ran out of space because the part numbers are missing!  I have compressed the whole article as printed into a pdf file and included below.  You need a pdf reader program to view this file.


Here they are:

01237              E/P Valve

121-1003         E/P Valve Keeper

ER3974           E/P Retainer