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Welcome to the giveaway page!  This will be our first time and this one is for the car guys.  Most of the Model T guys already know this but for those that don't, Gen III Antique Auto used to sell a small amount of parts and accessories.  We still have some of these items and I thought it might be fun to give some of them away instead of selling them. 

This round will be for a NOS Ampco top oiler.  -->  CONTEST VIDEO  <--



It can be used with any gasoline powered engine - just tap the intake and use the fittings that I will be providing with the product.   This is something that we have had on all our Model T's and we believe that it's a good thing given that they took the lead ouf of gasoline and this adds back a bit of that "cushion" that unhardened valve seats need.


Contest Rules:

  1. To enter you must go to my youtube channel and:

    1. click "like" on the contest video  --->   Click here

    2.  and click "subscribe" to the channel.

    3. Send us an email here with your name and address -->  giveaway@tfoye.com - or - leave your name in the comments under the video.

  2. The contest will remain open until:

    1.  The video showing the prize hits 500 likes

    2. The channel itself hits 500 subscribers

  3. When we hit 500/500 we will choose one person at random from the 500 emails, announce the winner, and mail the gift.

  4. Enter ONCE - sending mutiple emails won't add to your chance of winning.


Please share this page with your friends on facebook, twitter, etc - the faster we hit 500 the faster one lucky winner will recieve the prize!



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