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Here's another project that has just gotten underway.  The total restoration of a 23? touring car from Rutland Vermont.  If anyone knows a story about this car or it's former owner, please email me. 

I'd also like to state here that I am going to post "snippets" of the restoration for everyone's amusement, as time allows.  This page is not intended as a how to guide.  there will be many, many steps of the restoration process that will go undocumented.

Before the trip, as seen on ebay:




Now begins the hard work!

After the upholstery was removed, along with 99% of the mouse nest and poo, it made the trip to our workshop and got a pine-sol bath.  Then a pressure wash with pine sol bath, then another round with the pressure washer, and it still stinks to high heaven.

Fenders off and a peak into the engine, netted up more nests, more dirt, more rust and now it's a little closer to the actual work ahead of us.


Here are some of the pieces after sandblasting and primer.


Work continues, the frame is now painted, the front end is done and in place, the rear end is in progress, and the major machine work on the block is finished.

Almost completed Chassis sitting on "shop wheels" so we can roll it around. 

The original wheels are still at the stripper.


One balanced - brand new - 80 years old - never been used crankshaft

Restored rim with a brand new tire.

Engine work is almost complete!

Kevlar bands, new ring gear, modern clutch pack inside, ready for assembly.

Back in one piece.

Back in the chassis.



Rolled it outside for some clearer photos. 




Here it is running.