Gen III Antique Auto

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1914 Model T Roadster

What we started with:

Work being done:


All the "tin" was welded to adjoining piece, and to the mounting brackets. 

36 inches from the seat cushion to the middle top bow.  Too short for me to sit up in, some research is needed.


Engine was apparently done in 2004 by Earl Altman

Our "Chief Mechanic" has been taking cars and engines apart for years.

I believe this one is going after her sister's job...

It took two people to remove the body bolts

Showing more initiative.

This is definitely a family business!

Here's where it gets really ugly.

I'd say 90% of this wood holding this body together is no good.

End's are rotted off and it's all pretty punky.

This is where the mouse lived.

Turtle Deck off - lots of rot

Body is falling apart.

Turtle Deck

Back half of the chassis

Front half of the chassis

More to come later!