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This is me -fur coat, derby and all- in 1972 on the front page of the Boston Globe "driving" my grandfathers 1913 T Touring Car before a parade.

1994 - Daughter #1 posing in my fathers 1914 touring car


2003 Christmas Parade, had to borrow my fathers car for this one.

The new puppy daughter #2 is holding got more attention than the car did!

Same daughter a few years later ( 2006 ? ) in the same car.

Daughter #3 at 5 months old, I think she likes it!

Picnic at the 2005 Island Terrace Nursing Home car show displaying the Lizard Head on our Touring Car.

Chauffeuring disabled WWII soldiers through the Veterans Day parade.

"Gen II", circa 1980 - showing off his newly restored 1914 Touring car.

"Gen I" - circa 1969

- still going strong at 83 years old.

RIP Donald L. Foye   1925-2015

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