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Here are a few of my family photos from our trip to the M.T.F.C.A. T party in Indiana in July of 2008

{not in any particular order}

Caught on camera!  Taken by an unknown photographer, we found it by accident after we got home.  This was Wednesday, moving from the campground to the swap meet area.

These are at the staging area for the worlds record breaking fastest / longest parade involving Model T's.

In front of the Museum


This is at the campground, I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday morning, after the HELLATIOUS lightening storm Monday night.  I think they said there were 3700 lightning strikes that night.  Two of which hit less than 500 yards from us on two sides.  Everyone else was ringing out seats and removing coil boxes to dump the water out the next morning.  Not one drop got inside our car, and it was sitting right where it is in the photo, no cover on it.  No one was more surprised than me!  It was raining so hard that night that we could not see the car through the windshield in the camper, and the lightening was so fast and frequent that we could have read a book by it - for two to three hours. 

The red pickup beside us had a really nice centerdoor behind it.



Our new friend Ed Archer was a hit everywhere he went!  He actually drove that car from California, and then home again when it was over.

We met celebrities there too, this is "Little Sarah" from the M.T.F.C.I. - editor of the youth column.  She let my oldest daughter drive this speedster after helping pass out some flyers.  Thank you Sarah, I think she'll remember that day and your generosity forever.

The Hagerstown MD group that we latched onto in the middle of their day tour.  We had set off to see Amish country and ended up tagging along behind them for a few miles before heading back to get ready for the swap meet.

Soybeans?  as far as the eye could see.

A "two headed T" and a really nice unrestored farm truck (rear left)

Still had the original tag on it too.

Here we are at the swap meet.  I must have shook (shaken?) 5,000 hands over the course of three days.  All nice people.

These signs and banners were all over the place. 

Everyone welcomed us like we were celebrities or something. 

This pretty much sums up how we all feel about the event.  It was a long trip out and somehow an even longer one home, but worthwhile.  We all had a good time.

Our Fordor on loan to the waterless car wash guys.  They polished it a little too good! 

The 32 year old paint job didn't hold up so well in places... 


Model T motorhome.  If the owner is reading this, sorry for flagging you down like that on your way home, but I just had to see it.  Now I want one!




This was after 90 percent of everyone had gone home.  Just a couple of guys clowning around.

Here is something I had never seen before.  We picked it up in the campground in Richmond.  It's a "hedge apple" according to the locals.  I'm not sure if your supposed to eat them, we opted to just look inside and dispose of it.


Our trip home too a day longer than the trip out.  I believe this was taken near lake Erie.

Made it home in one piece, nothing broke, car stayed on the trailer, so I guess it was a success!