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Typical day at Grandpa's house way back when.  Four almost identical 1913 Model T Touring cars on the front lawn.  I believe I took this photo in 1980.

My first T - No windshield and a home-made mother-in-law body. 

Yes, that was me - and my first wife leaving our wedding in 1990.

Same car as above - with a snazzy new speedster body and a brass windshield.

Picking up our 1923-1/2 Touring Car.  This was almost to the end of Long Island NY.

Fourth of July 2005

Christmas Parade.


1925 Fordor - formally owned by a minister, two priests. a two legged dog (no joke)

I bought this to replace the touring car.  Exactly one week later I got a call from a club member.  He told me about a car in Maine that was absolutely perfect for us, I could not pass it up so after a little tinkering, I sold this car to a guy in CT who resold it to someone in Australia. 

Would the new owner please send us an update, we'd love to hear from you!

Picking up our "new" 1927 Canadian Fordor. 

This car was in way up on the coast of Maine in the middle of December.  Boy was it ever cold up there!

All loaded up and ready to come home! 

We met some great T people on this trip.